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Penn Plax Silent-Air B11 Battery Back-Up Pump - KGTropicals

Penn Plax Silent-Air B11 Battery Back-Up Pump

  • $23.99

One of the most common questions is "What do I do when there's a power outage?". This battery operated air pump is the answer. You can use this pump as your "every day" pump to provide valuable water agitation by plugging the unit into your standard home power outlet. The secret is you can install 2 D size batteries that will engage if the power goes out.

The power never goes out at the right time, what if it goes out while you're at work or sleeping? Well worry no more, when the power goes out the batteries take over and provide that life saving water agitation until the power comes back on.

This pump can also be used for transporting fish long distances by installing 2 D size batteries and using the included 20" hose and airstone.

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